What  am I investing in?

REALECOIN™ is a tokenized real estate investment fund.  Each token represents an interest in a Limited Partnership, which invests in multifamily housing and distressed mortgage debt across the United States.  Participants in the private sale will receive up to 20% of the General Partner’s (GP) profits, in addition to tokens representing interests in the Limited Partnership.  Further, all token holders will be paid dividends in USD, on a quarterly basis.

Have you already bought the first property?

Yes, the Fund’s Founder, Ruben Azrak, has acquired a multi-family apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, 162-164 East 82nd St., for the Fund.  The property was contributed to the Fund with a basis of approximately $23 million, of which approximately $11 million is equity and the balance debt.

What  are target returns for the fund?

The target returns are 6-8% annual dividend and 12-14% leveraged IRR.


Will you accept crypto for the pre-sale?

No, we will only accept fiat currencies during the pre-sale.  The Fund will use a portion of funds raised during the pre-sale to develop the infrastructure required to safely and securely manage cryptocurrency for the public sale.

When will the public token sale be?

The Fund anticipates holding the public token sale in the Spring of 2018.  After the pre-sale concludes, the Fund will announce a specific date for the public sale.


Who is eligible to buy tokens?

Everyone who buys tokens must be verified as an accredited investor by our service provider.

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